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Africanview.org is an article oriented web portal.We also take our time to make visible research on some historic places in which pictures and videos of these places will be posted on our portal for our users to see. Visitors on this portal can choose the kind of articles yo read on; either political matters, social life or information on places visited by our team.

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  • I will like to visit some of the places I do see on this portal like the Olumo rock, Yankari game reserve and Ikogosi warm water spring and so on. All thanks to African View. I will also like to get a guide (tourist) that will take me to those place in order to have a wider knowledge and also to explore.
    Lizzy Makatlia
    Student from Lesotho
  • African View is excellent in delivering good write-ups on political and historical affairs, cultural belief, and social lifestyle in the continent of Africa. Another fascinating aspect is the issue of tourism. African View should be one of the best if not the best portal in article writing, especially on tourism and views of some tourist centers which I will like to visit one day.
    Nelson Iyovwaye
    Crested Pillars

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